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It is such an irony that most wars have been fought on the idea of differences between religions.

Each faith has a super or almighty super-power which is believed to exist and guide the followers towards a hypothetical heaven. How many of those so-called spiritual followers have seen that heaven? How many of them have realised that supreme almighty which they declare to be guiding them? I'd ask this question to the follower of every religion: "What religion does God belong to?"

If you read all the scriptures and the holy books, they all have strikingly similar principles: Non-violence, universal brotherhood, love for other creatures, truthfulness, righteousness and obedience to elders and the like.... Which religion says it's the supreme religion? Which religion has taught hatred or violence?

If you happen to examine history, you'll realise that faith is indeed man's invention. Did the pre-historic man have any faith? Then how did this come into place immediately? With time, man's intelligence grew. With intelligence, man began differentiating right from wrong. He additionally started realising the words of his own conscience. Then he began to interact with others. As his life grew to become more and more developed, he needed a consistent system that might self-discipline him. The elders began formulating the systems so the youthful generations could follow. Some occasions, a clever man took this accountability and started his own system of thinking inspired from sure sources past his comprehension. He would call it a holy spirit or an angel or some super-natural being from the above.

Our human mind could be very powerful. Much a lot more highly effective than what we realise. Some smart males did loads of self-study. They focussed all their energies inwards slightly than outwards. Their only intention was to be taught more and more about themselves and the good powers that lie within each of us. It was their noble intention to serve and guide the world that brought about some of the greatest holy creations on the earth just like the bible, the Quran, the Bhagavadgita and the like....None of the founders of these religions claimed that their religion was the supreme.

I strongly urge everyone to read all these holy scriptures with nice gratitude to these creators. And to actually love every different person in the world. All these religions are tools for self-improvement not tools to prove one's superiority over others. Let us all make world one great household and live in joy, peace and happiness.

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