Week 2

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How, and in what ways, does social pressure influence voting behavior?


Social Pressure and Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment (Gerber, Green, and Larimer 2008)

Seminal study on the impact of social pressure on voter turnout


Affect, Social Pressure and Prosocial Motivation: Field Experimental Evidence of the Mobilizing Effects of Pride, Shame and Publicizing Voting Behavior (Panagopoulos 2010)

Attempt to identify mechanisms behind observed relationship between social pressure and voter turnout


Conformity in Groups: The Effects of Others’ Views on Expressed Attitudes and Attitude Change (Levitan & Verhulst 2016)

Two studies on conformity in groups and the effect on attitude change


Other Interesting Work

Is There Backlash to Social Pressure? A Large-scale Field Experiment on Voter Mobilization (Mann 2010)

Study of reactance against social pressure messaging in GOTV campaigns

Is Voting Contagious? Evidence from Two Field Experiments (Nickerson 2008)

Examination of spillover from GOTV messages to other members of one's household

Social pressure and voting: A field experiment conducted in a high-salience election (Rogers et al. 2017)

Replication of social pressure field experiments during a high-salience election

The Enduring Effects of Social Pressure: Tracking Campaign Experiments Over a Series of Elections (Davenport et al. 2010)

Study of duration of social pressure effects across multiple elections

A 61-million-person experiment in social influence and political mobilization (Bond et al. 2012)

Large-scale experiment studying political mobilization on Facebook

Social Endorsement Cues and Political Participation (Bond et al. 2017)

Complement to Bond et al. (2012) assessing heterogeneity in responses to different political mobilization tactics (across types of behaviors and individuals)

Social influence and political mobilization: Further evidence from a randomized experiment in the 2012 U.S. presidential election (Jones et al. 2017)

Replication of social media studies mentioned above, with focus on both direct and indirect effects of mobilization efforts

Social Pressure on Social Media: Using Facebook Status Updates to Increase Voter Turnout (Haenschen 2016)

Extension of previous studies of social pressure and voter turnout to social media

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