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id="mod_45751000">For our one night in Biloxi, we chose to stay at the IP. However, on the way into town from I-10, we stopped at The Scarlet Pearl. It's a new casino on the north side of the series of lakes that almost act like an Intracoastal waterway. We hadn't been in the area since it opened and could pick up Players' Club cards and some freebies while stopping.

We got a little confused on the parking ramp but found our way to a parking spot and ultimately the casino. It was large and spacious. Lots of slot machines and only a few video poker machines. We signed up and got our Players' Club cards and were told that we had $10 in free play on our cards for signing up. We couldn't find any video poker so promptly turned our $10 free play into $5 cash and looked in on the food facilities but left.

Since the day of our arrival was my birthday and the IP offers a special during your birthday month that if you put a specified number of points on your account, you get a free buffet. My favorite Judi live game at the IP is a five handed video poker game called Quick Quads. I felt like if I played it at the 5 cent level for about an hour I would accumulate the required points and with a normal food credit of $15 every month, we both could have the buffet for no charge.

So I settled myself at a vacant machine and concentrated there for the next hour while my wife wandered around on her own. I got a picture of my most impressive hand that allowed me to play for the hour at no cost.

Dealt Quick Quads at IP, Biloxi, MS | Source Then, as usual, we thoroughly enjoyed the buffet at the IP. One particular and unusual offering was the coffee bar where you could get espresso and several other varieties of coffee of your choice. We also like the dessert bar where they usually have praline candy that I don't think anyone could resist finding an empty pocket so that some of it was saved for later.

We checked in the hotel and got settled in our room. The elevators were a little confusing because one bank went only to the upper floors while the other bank served the lower floors. After riding up and down on the wrong set, we got on the lower floor bank and found our room.

The room was very nice but nothing unusual and had a king size bed and a lounge chair along with a flat screen television. The bath was a tub/shower combination and a big vanity around so that the wife could spread out a little.

Watched a small amount of television and wandered back down to the casino where I attacked the Quick Quads machine again. Played only about 15 minutes until a nearby lady got up from her machine and came over and started a conversation. That rather outspoken advance made me feel sort of a self conscious embarrassment so I cashed out (I was a little ahead), found a self service coffee machine, got a couple cups, found the correct elevators and elevator bank and headed back to the room.

Spent a delightful birthday evening in the room with my missus.

Up on Friday morning and down to the casino to ostensibly get coffees, but in reality also had to spend another 10 minutes at the Quick Quads machine. Found a free newspaper at the bell desk and went back to the room for a breakfast of donut holes from Walmart before we got checked out and on the road again.

The experience at IP was fun. I'd been there on day trips before but this was the first time we had spent the night. There is lots of infomation online at their website.

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