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The providers provided in a restaurant are a mixture of components, a quantitative one, more simply to define, measure, evaluate and realize, with crucial parts: technical equipment, decor, ambiance, meals, products, work methods, daily duties, number of staff, etc. and a qualitative component, which is manifested in employees habits and the relationships they develop with customers.

A proper behavior ensure besides the work strategies and duties, a high quality content within the relationships with the customer. Parts that will kind the qualitative element are: staff habits, employees perspective regarding the consumer, the way of appearing in entrance of clients.

Greetings and speaking Greetings will be accompanied by a slight bow, a smile and a form of politeness. The greeting have to be repeated at the departure of consumers, also. Utilizing the words: "Sir, Madam," "please", "excuse me" and "thanks" is essential relationship with customers.
Look Personal hygiene is a requirement and an obligation for all the staff. They must have a clean, nice, neat, look, and the fingers and face must at all times be clean. Clothes should meet basic requirements: to be well minimize, clean, neat, durable, easily maintained and the identical for all employees.
Gestures and mimic Posture ought to facilitate making the mandatory movements for serving clients: straight back, the torso bent slightly forward, the head in regular position, watching the customer. Gesture is a manifestation of externalizing the needs, emotions and intentions. They should not be sudden, violent or affected. Mimic should be natural and the facial features has to replicate gentleness, joy, honesty and understanding.
Professional tact This should characterize every employee and requires a sense of measure, a very careful method in behavior. For this reason, the employee should know to: listen to the shopper, not reply to prospects in inappropriate terms. Serving has the final priorities: girls are the primary, in order of their age, males are also served after age, children are served last, if the client doesn't require otherwise.

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