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Political Persuasion: What strategies work, where do they work, and how good is the evidence?

When: Weekly on Mondays, 2pm-4pm.

Where: Room 550 in Sloan (e62) (exceptions are 5/4 and 6/1 when we will be in room 446 instead).

Provisional plan is that each week we'll decide on a question/topic, and pick a couple of papers to read. Each paper needs at least one volunteer responsible for reading it more closely, but everyone else is free to just read whichever paper(s) interest them. Then we discuss them all as a group.

Mailing list: here

Ideas google doc: here


Week 1, Jan 30

Question: What types of political persuasion are there, and what are common approaches to studying them?

Week 2, Feb 10

Question: How, and in what ways, does social pressure influence voting behavior?

Week 3, Feb 17

Topic: Natural experiments about turnout

Week 4, Feb 24

Topic: Micro-targeted political messaging

Week 5, Mar 2

Topic: Policy voting or identity voting?

Week 6, Mar 9

Topic: Polls' influence on political behavior

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