Leaseweb — Honest Review From A Long-term Customer

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I’ve been with leaseweb for more than 5 years now, and I am migrating all my 50+ servers to another hosting provider. Leaseweb went from ‘good’ to ‘okayish’ and finally to ‘unbearably horrible piece of trash scam’ incredibly fast. I would definitely not recommend this company to anyone who values uptime, stability and most importantly — their own time. Shall we start?


Network speed, uptimes, relative hardware durability, that’s it. As long as your servers are up and no one from Leaseweb fiddles with them (which happens quite often on its own) — they will show relatively good uptime (though not a 99.99% as Leaseweb states) and okayish performance in terms of hardware life.


Lest start from the very beginning:

there is no such thing as instant OR fast deployment times with leaseweb. ALL of my provisions took AT LEAST week more than initially stated. Usually they will promise a 1 week delivery window and then also delay it by one more week, both in US and NL.

They also have a ridiculous uptime guarantee, your service can be down for no more than 5 minutes(!) in a single year. Suffice to say we suffered on average from 10 to 20 hours of downtime during one year.

Sometimes they will send you wrong invoices and immediately a follow-up letter apologizing for mistake. One time someone from 3rd party sent every Leaseweb customer a malware link — meaning that most likely their clients database was hacked and customer emails (at least) stolen.

In a GOOD day support will answer your ticket within 24 hours with «please wait until we find someone to pin this onto so he can delay this further» predefined message.

There will ALWAYS be bad HDDs during deployment, they recycle HDDs from customer to customer until they completely die and all data (unless you have RAID) is lost.

Sometimes their genius tech support will randomly reboot your servers because they mistook it for another client’s server.


They intentionally lure you into annual contract which is completely full of holes and will NOT stand up in any court, but Leaseweb does not care. They will imply that you can not cancel before the end of contract date (which is not true) and they will treat this contract as auto-renewed unless you canceled it TWO(!) months before cancellation date. There is no other server-related company in the world with such crazy scam tactics.

There is absolutely no communication between managers, customer support and tech support. I can explain everything to my manager, then repeat SAME PROBLEM to live chat, in one hour call tech support and they never even heard about my problem. I then will explain in to them and they will on the very best effort get my server up after 4(!) hours of downtime caused by their own mistake.

THERE ARE NO GOOD CUSTOMER SUPPORT IN LEASEWEB. They hire minimal_wage-slaves who can not add 2+2, never-mind handle a server. Sales manager mistook UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) for a united postal service once.

THEY WILL NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS. Their ONLY goal is to lure you into piece of trash contract and imply that you can not (you can) cancel.

After I stated my intention to cancel NL servers they implied that they can send my debt to collectors and that they will shutdown my US servers. I immediately cancelled my US servers afterwards.

It took them 35(!) days to renew my cPanel license. And in the end I had to rent it from a 3rd party reseller, because ticket was unanswered and I needed cPanel asap.

EVERY SINGLE support request was a quest of navigation between lazy incompetent agents and tech support employees whose ONLY goal was to get rid of me with their stupid questions (even though I mentioned all needed info 10 times already in all tickets and chats) and predefined replies.


If there is anyone else who suffered from this incompetence and scam feel free to email me at undefined so I can post your story here and provide legal help if needed.

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