How To Do Manual User Testing Yourself

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TestMonitor is online user testing software with the most intuitive approach and easy to use interface. TestMonitor really makes testing easy and fun for the testmanager and the testers. TestMonitor is made by Dutch quality assurance experts. Their years of hands-on experience is used in creating TestMonitor as the best tool for anyone that's into testmanagement. Whether you’re implementing enterprise software, building a quality app or just need a helping hand in your test project, TestMonitor has you covered.

The software contains pre-fab test cases, test templates you can re-use over and over, milestones and test runs. The software allows the software manager of testmanager to get real-time insights into your testing progress.

For testers there is a simple interface to execute test runs at any place, at any time, no experience required. The tester receives a personal to-do list of all planned test runs assigned to him. They just need to capture a screenshot by using copy – paste!

Easy does it, both for testers and testmanagers. Try it for free, no credit card needed!

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