BET Brings Live Broadcasts To Its IOS And Android Apps

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You can watch UFC 243 through Main Event on Foxtel. If you already have an ESPN+ subscription you can buy the event for $60. You can also watch on the UFC website or using its app. MMA fans in the UK can watch UFC 243 exclusively through BT Sport. You can even order using your PlayStation 4 or using the UFC app on your Xbox One. In the US, you can only watch UFC 243 on PPV through ESPN+. There are more options if you live in Australia.

If you're an existing customer with the $16 service, you won't see a price hike as long as your subscription doesn't lapse. Only new customers will be restricted to the $20 option. The additions include BET Her, Discovery Family Channel, MTV Live, Nicktoons, UPtv and more. Philo's $20 plan includes 58 channels -- that's 13 more than it included in its $16 offering. And if you already have the $20 package, you shouldn't notice any changes.

Microsoft event 2019: New Surface Duo phone, Surface Neo tablet and every other Surface announced
Microsoft tried for over two decades to make operating systems for mobile phones, but it gave up on the effort two years ago. Instead, Microsoft has opted to expand its Office software and other services to rival devices, including iPhones. The company's first Android phone takes that further.  It couldn't compete with the popularity of Google's Android and Apple's iOS, which will be on 87% and 13% of the world's smartphones this year, respectively, according to IDC.

The slow death of Windows Phone
Microsoft, which has long dominated software for PCs, never anticipated how important smartphones would become and how consumers would really use them: with their fingers on touchscreens. For some people, phones -- not Windows PCs -- became their primary means of accessing the internet. 

With next-generation athletes loaded with next-generation skill-sets, in Whittaker vs. Adesanya UFC 243 has a main event that sits on the absolute cutting edge of what's possible in MMA.  Remember that long dreamed of superfight between Silva and GSP? Well, this is as close as we're ever going to get.

"It's a real problem," said Strauss Zelnick, the interim chairman of CNET parent CBS, which also has a subscription service, called CBS All Access. For his day job, he's head of Take-Two Interactive, which makes hits like Grand Theft Auto and the western epic Red Dead Redemption, the latter of which is available on Sony's PlayStation Now subscription service.

One of the key online differences is the lack of a planned centralised online service in Sonyand Nintendo's lineup, but that's offset by the lack of service fees, so may see more absolute signups. That's a lot of money to spend in order to get customers signed upand spending their own money in return--the question is whether the gamble will pay off. The WSJ have also put togethera flashycomparison of the three next-gen offerings from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, for anyone who's been living under arock for the last year. It's going tobe a tough battle, and online gaming will be the only clear winner.

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Xbox Live transformed the way console gamers play online, so why not aim for the next level and bring in tournament play? Microsoft also created an esports league for Halo, so it's wise to build a solid networking layer for that sort of competition. And just like with its support for cross-platform multiplayer, it shows what's really important for Microsoft today: Creating platforms that make it indispensable to developers and gamers alike (and hopefully erase the impact of the PS4 trouncing the Xbox One this generation). Overall, the news makes complete sense for Microsoft in many ways.

Of course, price isn't the only factor, and you'll want to compare channels, too. At $20 per month, Philo is still less than DirecTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. But we don't know yet how much the new streaming services will cost, and Hulu still offers a $6 option. Philo doesn't include HBO, so if you're looking to watch the last episodes of Game of Thrones, you'll need to choose one of the other options.

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